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Digital user experiences are more important than ever. Whether it’s on the web, mobile, or a digital assistant, consumers’ relationships with technology continue to evolve. People are finding faster and more efficient ways to get things done. As a result, brands are no longer competing with other brands in their category. They’re now competing with the best digital experience a user has ever had. If you are interested in talking about this platform for your business please contact us.

Where we have come from:
Testing with hotels guests and larger audiences for specific events

Beta Testing, The second step in getting the chatbot used by a larger audience is having contextual content.

Introduction to events chatbot

Historic Strater Hotel – theatre located in the hotel when checking into the hotel you will receive a card with instructions to purchase tickets for the shows using your phone. The cards were also tested at thirteen hotels in our community and at tourist booths.

Contextual event test with chatbot

Iron Horse Bicycle Race, Colorado Goal: To give participants contextual information about the race, dining and getting around town. We were able to send push notifications about the weather and if the race was still on. And notification of who won the race.

71 Users (final count)  with top area code 970 having 20 users,  followed by area code 505 with 17 users and overall 29 unique area codes involved

528 interactions with Chatbot May 18 – May 25  (schedule checking most popular followed by dining and then maps, parking, ATM, etc.)

Push Notifications: Six push notifications (SMS message sent from Louigi to all Iron Horse registrants): Weather updates, evenings dining update, race updates, race winners,time trial links to coffee houses, orchestrated list

Contextual event test with chatbot

July 4th Celebration, Colorado, Goal: To share the events schedule for the day of July 4. People wanted to know if the fireworks would still be displayed in the rain and lots of people looking at transit and where to park. Several dining searches.

# Unique users: 141
# Interaction count: 649
# Dining: 53
# Event Schedule: 153
# Morning: 57, # Afternoon: 3, # Evening: 65
# Getting Around Town: 60
# Transit: 39, # Parking: 22, # ATM: 11, # Maps: 2
# BID Website schedule page: 66

Dining about 100 sessions on 4/2 then about 40 on 4/3/ and 4/4